In which language is written RDNets?
RDNets is written in Wolfram Matematica and is distributed as a Computational Data Format (CDF) file that can be run using the freely available Wolfram CDF Player.

Is the source code of RDNets available?
We provide only the last version of RDNets as a CDF file. The original source code of RDNets is written in Wolfram Matematica, for more information write to lmarcon[at]upo.es.

Which browsers are supported by RDNets?
RDNets depends on the CDF player plugin developed by Wolfram which supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari and is not compatible with Chrome. RDNets has been tested to run optimally on Firefox.

I use GNU/Linux, can I run RDNets on the browser?
No, unfortunately the CDF Player offers a web plugin functionality only for Windows and Mac OS X. Linux users have to download the CDF file of RDNets and run it with the stand-alone CDF Player.

Can I save the results of RDNets on a file?
No, the Wolfram CDF Player does not allow to save files.

Where I can find documentation about RDNets?
For a user guide you can look here or you can download the guided tour video. For detailed information you can read the main publication associated with RDNets: Marcon et al. 2016, PDF.

How can I cite RDNets?
If you use RDNets for your scientific work please use this citation:

Marcon L, Diego X, Sharpe J, Müller P. High-throughput mathematical analysis identifies Turing networks for patterning with equally diffusing signals. Elife. 2016 Apr 8;5. pii: e14022. doi: 10.7554/eLife.14022.
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